One integration,
all of open finance.

Grow your connections and automatically connect to any custodian entity across the nordics with ease.

Connect to any global entity to aggregate your client’s wealth

With one integration you get access to any custodians that your customers are using. Our SDK is easy to use and opens up endless possibilities for your app to deliver enhanced products and services to your user

How we integrate with custodians

When we integrate a new custodian we always assure the data quality and standardize it into a common diction to work over all custodians.

Reverse engineering

When we integrate new custodians we reverse engineer the custodians private API including both mobile and/or web API. It is the most reliable way to access data.

File transfer / SFTP

Do you have a power of attorney from your clients? Our integrations can provide your system with daily updated data from your clients custodians via SFTP.

Screen scraping

Where reverse engineering is not possible we can collect data with traditional screen scraping.

Which custodian types we integrate

The FinSquid platform supports integration of any sort of custodians. to get a 360 view of your customers’ economy.


Get access to any bank ranging from big banks to small niche players.

Wealth management

Improve your operations and get a complete overview of your clients engagement with wealth management actors.


Offer your customers to collect their data from various economy platforms and fintech solutions that they are using.


Enable your customers to conveniently collect their information from different authorities.

Real Estate

Connect and gather different sorts of real estate assets data from multiple sources.

Private equity

Let your customers gather information about their unlisted equity at one place.


Gain a consolidated view over your customers mortgages, credits and private loans.


Get access to and aggregate data from any crypto platform or wallet.


We help you access all kinds of assets & liabilities.
Rule of thumb - if there's an account we can help.

Which data types we can deliver

The FinSquid platform supports integration of any sort of custodians. to get a 360 view of your customers’ economy.

Investments & Pensions

All types of investment accounts (ISK, AFK, KF) both for individuals and companies. Examples of data:



Including mortgages and blank loans. Examples of data:


“Those that fail to learn from the history are doomed to repeat it” - Winston Churchill

You decide how you want the data to be delivered to you

A snapshot from someone's financial status may be sufficient for some use cases. But if you really want to learn about your customers’ and build stellar products for them you need to understand their legacy. In the financial world history is written in our transactions. FinSquid provides you transactions so that you can understand your customers trading behavior, risk appetite and much more.

Categorization of transactions is critical for you to be able to draw any conclusions. Some custodians have as much as 8000 different transaction types. We make the categorization for you.

No one size fits all. To tailor the categorization for your purposes we have built in for you to conveniently customize our categorization by adding and removing transaction types. If you prefer to build the categorization from scratch we provide you with the raw data from the custodians.

Customized to
your specific needs.

The possibilities are endless. Do you have a use case in mind that you would like to discuss? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fund Transfer

Increase your AUM and make it super smooth for your clients to transfer mutual funds to you. We gather all required information to perform a transfer. You can conveniently map which funds that you allow to get transferred to you in our system.


Increase your customer engagement and digitalize your onboarding process. Enable the customers to get a full overview of their economy in your interface, including historic performance.

Credit Scoring

Make a deep dive into your credit applicants financial situation. Access real-time data and analyze the historic transactions and balances to get a better and more accurate understanding of your applicants credit worthiness. Our integrations cover the liability and assets part which will make your credit score comprehensive.

Account ownership verification

Do you have a solution where customers declare account details for payouts or similar? Any mistakes here can be costly and cause bad will to your company. Verify the account ownership with our integrations.

Improve reporting

Connect your system with us and fetch all required customer financial data and stream line your reporting process. Time consuming collection of data can now be eliminated and you can spend more time on other value creating activities.

Get started the way you want to.

No matter if you're a small startup or a well established financial actor, we got a solution for you.